One Note
>> Main Characters


NAME: Unknown = Echo
POSITION: Lead Guitar
ABOUT:The heroine of the story. Echo was a orphan girl who recently been kicked out every foster home ever since her childhood past till one day when she was fainted from hunger in the middle of the park, one boy named Irvin found echo and took her to the house where a rock band named "Dis E_xile" lived, and ended up a house mother figure to them as repayment.
RANDOM INFO:Echo has bit problem of herself to talk. She had been mute for 3 yrs and later opened up to the boys after she felt really accepted. She seem to have a extreme talents of playing music by hearing. Thus later she became as one of the member of Dis E_xile... the troubling things is here:The band suppose be only boys so Echo has no choice but to dress as a boy. Will things can go on with this kind of disaster?
NAME: Kwan Ku =Irvin
POSITION: Lead Vocal
ABOUT: Irvin is a vocal lead members of "Dis E_xile" + the one who found echo and took her in. He and Olaf were the ones that created the group and musics together through the times. Irvin seem an energetic and sometime idiot person which he didn't notice that Echo was girl in the beginning. However, he appeared to accept Echo immediately to live with them. His worst personality is that sometime he can overreacting and impatient by little things.
RANDOM INFO: Irvin and Renferd were the only ones trying to help echo to talk since she refused. Then later problem for sure that he seem to attach to echo and then realized that he fall in love with her, but he denied himself because something happen from his past that prevents it.. Irvin has also a deep problem that only the groups knows; he has a wetness problem=> meaning he a bed wetter...
NAME: Bon-hwa Cho =Unwin
POSITION: Bass Guitar/Back up vocal
ABOUT:Unwin is a older brother of Nigel. For few people was thinking both nigel and unwin is twin but are not, however there names were a bit same(might as well eye contacts too). The two always prank on other people but Unwin does the most of the work. Whenever he argues something, 2 second he agrees in 180 degree change.
RANDOM INFO: Unwin is a protective older brother to Nigel though many times,until Nigel refused and told he can take care of himself. Unwin has a bit mean personality which shown first that Unwin was the last person who accepted Echo to live with them but in return he starting to get to think Echo is not bad. On one part of reason why he doesn't want echo to join is because many girls in his past were playing with him to get to group member or try to be famous with them. However, thats not a problem, he acutally a player+lady killer. In the later chapters..He notice a few moments reaction from Nigel whenever he near to Echo, knowing that his little brother has fall for her or something. For that, he tease him just for fun. ALthough he has the most piercing, ---->hes acutally afraid of needles. ^^;
NAME: Chin-Hwa Cho=Nigel
POSITION: Electric Guitar
ABOUT:Nigel is the younger brother of Unwin, unlike him, Nigel has a calm and stoic personality. Before he joined the band, Nigel was a pretty much an emo kid, however for school, Nigel is actually child prodigy, suprising that he is actually a High 1 top enrollment student (not to mention he is a president student council).
RANDOM INFO: You can see he also smoke a lot whenever there tense around him. If he ran out any cigarettes he instead used pocky to forget the tense... As same to Unwin, Nigel thinks Echo as their little sister to them but later fall in love with her. He seeming the ones who gives her advices more often than the others. Stoic as he is, he seem also weakness toward thunder and lighting.
NAME: Sook-Yun Kim =Renfred
ABOUT:The youngest boy in the group. Renfred is a sweet but hate treated like a kid, ended up one the member Dis E_xile drummer.
RANDOM INFO:Renfred was an heir of the high company from his family but he refused to because there too much for him to handle. However, he loves to make his products and sell them to school. His goal seem to make his own selling product company. Renfred seem to love echo (as a best friend or something)and dressing her up in cute little outfits that others seems to nosebleed. Refred has the certain obsessiveness of cute clothes *just for Echo.